Best Foundation Brands for Dry skin!

Best Foundation Brands for Dry skin!

November 9, 2020 Glam Tutorials 0

Choosing the best foundation for your skin can be a tough task when there are so many choices available in the market. If you choose the right foundation brand, you can get that flawless skin effortlessly. The beauty industry has been experimenting a lot with the foundations that they produce for the ladies. If you apply the wrong base, then it can lead to patchy and uneven skin tones.

A single layer of foundation on your skin can work wonders. It will give you that flawless and rich touch to your face. The major quality of the perfect foundation is to not make your skin look cakey and rough. Instead it will provide a fresh and hydrating look on your skin.

There are many brands which produce foundations all around the world. Some of the best foundation brands are Mac, Maybelline, Clinique, Lakme, Laura Mercier, IT brand and Neutrogena. The best part about these brands foundation is that there are different shades for all types of skin tones. There are foundation packs for sheer, fair, medium, dark complexions.

 The benefit of applying a good quality foundation is that it stays for a long time and blends well with your skin. Rather than making your face look too cakey and white, it will blend with the tone of your skin and gives a hydrating touch to your face. This will make your face look fresh and you can glow for the whole day.

Foundation can be water, oil or powder based. If you choose a wrong foundation base for your skin, then it can lead to excessive flakiness and creasing on your skin. If you apply oil-based foundations on your dry skin, then it will provide essential oils to keep your skin hydrated. Also, your skin will be locked with moisture throughout the day.

As mentioned earlier, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint Gel formula is one of the most commonly used foundation brands in India. Once applied, it will make your skin look healthy and allows it to glow naturally. Girls with dry skin are advised to choose this foundation as it will completely go well with your dry skin. It consists of hyaluronic acid which improves your skin’s texture and also keeps it hydrated throughout the day.

Along with Neutrogena, Maybelline FIT Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation which comes along wit SPF 18 is also the best choice in foundation. It gives a smooth glow on your skin and easily blends with it. The applicator pump is very convenient to use and once applied in the morning, this can stay on your face throughout the day. This foundation will also provide you protection from harmful sun rays and also moisturizes your skin.

Once you buy a particular brand foundation and start to use it regularly, you must check if there are any negative changes on your face. If you are facing any difficulties like irritants that might harm your skin from within, then you must immediately stop using that foundation. Always choose a foundation which is paraben free so that you don’t face any skin allergies.

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